How to Support Our Kids – Talking about Covid-19



June 1st 2020 UPDATE….

We are excited to announce we are now accepting new families! Zoom is still available for the first parent consultation, if you prefer, but we are open by appointment for face-to-face sessions! There is hand sanitizer at the front, we are keeping the waiting area for one family at a time and spacing out appointments accordingly. We would love to see you!

March 15th 2020 – Dear parents,

At the moment, we are not taking on new face-to-face clients but if you would like a support phone call or you think a video therapy session may be appropriate for your child (over age 6) then please email springfieldkidskelowna@gmail.com or fill out the contact page, and let us know what you need. This is a highly stressful time for all and any unwanted behaviors or big feelings your child had before are likely to be exacerbated now.

If you require a check-in, a parent strategy chat, a pep talk, or just a listening ear, we are here for you. There is no fee for this check in service. If you are in a position to make a small donation to our Foundation (subsidizing therapy for those in financial need) then it would be much appreciated.

Springfield Kids would like to take a minute to draw attention to how your children may be understanding the current Covid-19 situation. Part of this may be determined by your own feelings/ reactions but also from what they overhear on the radio, tv or from casual adult conversations.

Children are often listening when we don’t realize; and of course, not so much when we actually want them to be listening! Overhearing partial facts about a virus and about some people dying or getting sick  can affect their overall feeling of safety in the world. When children feel unsafe, it activates their nervous system and it is harder to learn, focus on a task or communicate appropriately. Some children may be excitedly asking hundreds of questions about the virus and some may be silently panicking.


  • Check in with yourself to see how you actually feel about what’s going on. Are you making jokes because you are uncomfortable or scared? Are you in emergency planning overdrive? Please seek out support for yourself if needed.
  • Check in with your children to see how they are feeling generally (if they haven’t mentioned the virus, there is no need to bring it up unless they do)
  • Be aware of what you are saying in front of your children and try not to listen to news reports when they are around/awake
  • Give a little extra space/time for them to respond to instructions or complete tasks
  • Help them to regulate with extra nurturing/calming time with you.
  • If you are self-isolating or quarantined, phrase it in a positive way that you are keeping your family safe and take advantage of the slower pace and the extra bonding time.


Here is a link  that is appropriate for children if you think they are worried or they have a lot of questions.



Check out this project that we have just started: It’s called the Nourish Families Initiative


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