Expressive Arts Programs


Throughout the year, we will be offering group sessions. Group work can be very beneficial for a variety of reasons:

  • Children and youth who struggle in one specific area will take comfort in the knowledge that others know how they feel.
  • They will be able to practice new social skills as they learn them, in a safe environment first.
  • Collaborative self expression encourages positive ideas about identity.
  • Children and youth are more inclined to challenge and encourage each other to step outside of their comfort zones.
  • They get to share similar or alternative experiences and opinions.
  • Groups have a set timeframe
  • Groupwork can be used preventatively to encourage growth, confidence, mindfulness etc; where as, individual therapy tends to be accessed after there is an obvious difficulty.

Please reach out if you would like to be waitlisted for a group or if you would like us to come to your school, daycare, program to run an expressive arts group.