The Foundation

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We want all children to be able to receive therapeutic services if they need them. Springfield Kids Foundation aims to subsidize the cost of these and other services so that they are more accessible to everyone.

  • To improve the mental wellness of children, youth and families in the Central Okanagan by providing subsidy for therapeutic services.
  • To build relationships and collaborate with similar organizations to bridge gaps in service and prevent duplication.
  • To educate the community on the importance of prevention and early intervention in regards to the mental health of children and youth.
  • To create professional development opportunities for service providers by offering training in evidence based therapeutic techniques.


Core Values

Genuine Caring – The initial step in supporting your family with whatever you may be going through, is making sure you know that we care. Building a trusting relationship with your child is the foundation for therapeutic work to begin; and equally important is our relationship with You (the parent or guardian). Our hope for you is for your family life to be happier and easier than before you made the decision to access our services.


Evidence-Based Techniques – In a study of 12,000 cases, conducted by Play Therapy UK, 77% – 84% of children showed significant improvement after engaging in Play Therapy sessions.

Non-directive Play Therapy was pioneered by Virginia Axeline in 1964. Her eight core principles were developed from the Person-Centered counselling approach or Rogerian method (Carl Rogers).

In a nutshell, the principles show the importance of:

  • a trusting, non-judgmental and warm therapeutic relationship
  • complete respect for the ability of the child to work through problems at their own pace, in their own way
  • providing the ideal environment to do so with only the few limitations necessary to keep the child safe

We are always looking for ways to conduct more research to show case and improve the effectiveness of child therapies. Please contact us if you are an agency interested in collaborating on a research project.

Prevention and Early Intervention – Through play, creative expression and psycho-education, we strive to facilitate healing and the opportunity for self-development, growth and social integration. We work with children from age 3 (sometimes younger) because the earlier a child is given this opportunity, the better. Empowering your child to work through smaller problems at a younger age will ensure resilience and success for when they have to tackle the ‘bigger stuff’ later on.